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Transitional Shelter

The Transitional Shelter is designed to assist single, homeless adults.  The program’s overall objective is for residents to become self-sufficient by obtaining and maintaining secure income and transitioning into safe housing. This is accomplished through onsite resources as well as through collaboration with other agencies.

The maximum length of stay for residents upon Admission (Phase 1) is 180-days (six-months). All residents are expected to transition into permanent housing as soon as it becomes available. Eligible residents may also transition from Phase 1 into Bridge housing (Phase 2) as an alternate option. The maximum stay in Bridge housing is 180-days.

The program is structured, emphasizing support and accountability. The rules that are in place encourage a safe and healthy environment for all residents, volunteers, and employees. The most prominent of these rules is the requirement for residents to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

The shelter also promotes fellowship and a sense of community by promoting social events and activities throughout the week and on holidays. The program has identified a high correlation between an individual’s involvement in these activities and his/her success in the program as well as success towards self-sufficiency.

If an individual is interested in accessing shelter services, he/she will need to have a face to face meeting with our staff for information and a needs assessment. This face to face meeting ensures that the program is a proper fit and additionally allows staff to identify if the applicant qualifies for County, Veteran Af­fairs, and other subsidies that pay a percentage of their program fees. Residents that do not receive program subsidies are required to pay program fees based on their income. Though individuals can be admitted without an income, all partici­pants are expected to obtain legitimate sustain­able income. Meeting times are Monday – Friday between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM (except on holidays and when posted). If the program is determined to be a good fit, an intake date is scheduled. Referrals are provided when there is a wait to enter the program or if the program is not a proper fit for an individual.

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